When should I hire an interior designer?
We always feel the earlier you can bring a designer in on your remodel or new build process, the better. Ideally, the designer would be brought in at the beginning of the process, around the same time you’re hiring your builder/general contractor and/or architect.

While we work as a team with your builder and architect, it is our job to be your design advocate throughout the process. We’ll help you to ask all of those questions you didn’t know to ask and review your architect’s plans to make sure each room flows in a way that will allow it to function the way you need it to.

We’ll work with your contractor and subcontractors to make sure your design is executed as planned. Bringing us in early in the process will help you to save time and money in mistakes avoided.

How do you work? What is the process?
Our full-service projects cover a six-step design process:

1. The Discovery Phase – We onboard your project by capturing your input and desires, collaborate with your contractor and architect to finalize plans, develop a project timeline, determine project budgets and integrate your project internally.

2. The Conceptual Design Phase – The conceptual design phase exists to confirm your scope, layout, investment estimate, and aesthetic direction. We gather inspiration images and envision your home from every angle, space plan, create inspiration boards, and begin curating initial selections.

3. The Detailed Design Phase – The detailed design phase is where we’ll turn ideas into plans. We present our recommendations for specific materials, fixtures, finishes, and execution.

4. Coordination & Purchasing Phase – We complete our construction documents, communicate details to vendors and trades, place orders, track and coordinate deliveries, and resolve deficiencies.

5. Execution Phase – Design project management takes place through coordinated efforts with the contractor and subs throughout the construction phase to ensure design vision is executed according to plan. We will make regular site visits to meet with subs and clarify any questions about design documents or material installation.

6. Final Installation & Wrap-Up – Furniture is delivered, installed, and expertly styled to complete each room in your vision. We follow up on any outstanding items, see the punch list and all details through to completion, and provide our care guide to maintain your new furnishings and finishes.

For clients who only desire our materials selection service, the process will be the same through phases I-III. After that point, we would provide you with final design boards for each room, a procurement list for DIY purchasing, and finish schedules to provide to your contractor.

How long will my project take?
In our experience, most interior design projects will take anywhere from 3-6 months for a remodel and/or furnishing project. New builds and more extensive remodels can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the size and scope.

Please keep in mind that, currently, some materials, supplies, and furnishings are taking longer than usual to come in due to global supply chain issues and therefore could result in project delays that are out of our control. If you need a project completed within an expedited timeline please let us know as early in the process as possible. We will do all that we can to try to meet your deadline.

How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?
You can expect to hear from us frequently throughout your project. Communication may be less frequent in the beginning as we pull together our initial concept design but following the presentation of that design, we will be in touch much more often. We will solicit your feedback from the conceptual design meeting to incorporate into the detailed design phase.

Once the detailed design phase has been presented you can expect to hear from us within two weeks with the final materials and furnishing selections. Once these are ordered and construction begins, communication becomes more frequent. You will receive weekly updates from us but you may find that we reach out in between these updates for questions and issues that may require immediate input from you.

The sooner you can respond, the better the chance of keeping your project on schedule. You can expect a response to any emails you send us within one to two business days.

Does Crafted Quarters have a minimum project size?
At this time, Crafted Quarters evaluates each project on a case-by-case basis and does not have a minimum project size.


Where do you source furnishings?
We source directly from manufacturers and to-the-trade-only vendors – which means you get more unique pieces, curated for your design. Sourcing through our trade-only vendors also allows us to offer you customizable pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

We can get you superior quality pieces than what you may typically find at big-name furnishing stores. It’s one of the huge benefits of working with a designer!

How will you figure out my aesthetic?
Before beginning the design process we want to get to know you! In addition to our design questionnaire, we’ll also sit down and talk to you in-depth to learn more about you, your family, your needs, preferences, must-haves, likes, and dislikes. It’s just as important to know what to stay away from in the design process as it is to know what to include.

We’ll learn about your interests, hobbies, and visions for your home, how you plan to use each space, and your functional needs. It may seem like an intimate process but we assure you it will result in the best possible design outcome for your home.

In addition, we’ll also have you share inspirational images with us that you may have found on sites like Pinterest and Houzz, as well as in magazines. We’ll take all of this input into consideration as we craft the vision for your home.

I love traditional but my partner is more modern (bohemian, romantic, rustic, etc.). How will we integrate their tastes with mine?
We know it can often be hard to imagine how two completely different styles will integrate harmoniously but it is something we love to do. We will look at inspiration images from all key decision-makers and look for commonalities among them. It could be similar colors, textures, materials, etc.

We then find ways to incorporate pieces that will come together seamlessly to create a space you can both enjoy.


How much do your services cost?
Every project is unique and comes in different sizes and scopes. Therefore, design service fees are quoted on a project-by-project basis. Crafted Quarters generally prefers to provide clients with a flat fee for design services, which is determined after the initial consultation.

Full-service design fees for a remodel or new build start at $3,000 per space. Furnishing-only projects start at $2,500 per space. For projects that are smaller in scope, such as materials selections for smaller spaces, an hourly rate of $150/hr is assessed.

What can I expect to spend on furnishings, materials, and accessories?
We work with clients from the initial consultation to determine their overall project budget. We source furnishings and materials that will accommodate that budget. We know you are making an important investment in your home and we take the trust you put in us in adhering to that budget seriously.

We will only source items that allow us to adhere to your budget. Early on in the design process, we provide clients with a budget calculator spreadsheet to help you determine what you can expect to spend in each space. We provide ballpark estimates for each item at entry-level, moderate, and high-level price points and let you determine the quality and durability you want for each piece.

Does Crafted Quarters pass along any discounts?
In addition to our interior design services offerings, Crafted Quarters is also a retailer, selling furnishings, décor, and materials to our clients.

Our pricing model allows us to offer our clients pricing below MSRP. We even shop ourselves to make sure we are providing you with the best possible pricing.

What is the fee structure?
The design fee is paid out in 3 payments:

– 1st payment – 50% of design fee, due upon signing of the contract
– 2nd payment – 40% of design fee, due prior to detailed design presentation
– 3rd payment – 10% of design fee, due upon completion of project

Once the contract is signed and the initial design fee is paid, we get to work!

Please note that invoices for materials, furniture, and accessories must be paid in full prior to Crafted Quarters placing the order with the manufacturer or supplier.

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